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Enea Innowacje

Enea Innowacje is a company from the Enea Capital Group, responsible for development of innovations, including capital investments in projects at an early stage of business development (startups) and research and development activities.

The company provides financing and provides the potential of the Enea Capital Group primarily in: infrastructure, sales channels, business relations and industry knowledge, also enabling a pilot or business scaling. Thematic areas in which Enea Innowacje is looking for modern business and technological solutions are primarily: circular economy, energy storage, new renewable energy technologies, electromobility, smart city, Big Data, artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of Things and customer service.

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Bridge Fund

Bridge Fund is a group of experts and market practitioners that supports company owners on the way to maximizing the value of their business. The fund helps entrepreneurs not only in raising capital, but also proposes and implements solutions that allow modern management of the company, build innovation and develop new technological solutions to restore the companies which lost their  competitiveness, attractiveness of the product offer and market position. Bridge Fund focuses on manufacturing companies whose owners are determined to jointly implement improvements in the areas of business development, finance, organizational structure, management and production.

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PGE Ventures

PGE Ventures is the first Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund in Poland, established within the structures of a large capital group in the energy sector. Since its establishment in 2017, the Company has obtained a total of approx. PLN 60 million in public funding for the creation of two external / satellite investment funds:

  • Energy Research Capital (ERC) under the BRIdge Alfa Program (NCBiR) – total capitalization PLN 40 million,
  • SpeedUp Energy Innovation under the BRIdge VC Program (PFR Ventures and NCBiR) – total capitalization PLN 60 million.

PGE Ventures and external funds have invested in a total of 20 startups at various stages of development, of which external funds are responsible for 13 of them and PGE Ventures for 7 capital investments. Startups from the PGE Ventures portfolio help companies from the PGE Capital Group in the implementation of strategic decisions, i.e. environmentally friendly energy and modern energy services, including: reducing operating costs, improving operational efficiency and implementing innovative products and services tailored to the values represented by the PGE Group.

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ARIA is one of the few entirely private funds that invests EUR 1-5 million, addressing the existing equity gap in the market. Looking for investment goals in areas such as: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Innovation, Edtech, Medtech, Cybersecurity.

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Change Ventures

Change Ventures is an Estonian fund specializing in investments at the initial stage and in subsequent rounds from EUR 400 thousand. up to EUR 2 million. The fund invests in the next stages of start-up development, providing funds, support and know-how on the way to success in a competitive global market. The fund was established by investors from the Baltic Sea Region, and some Partners are also institutional investors from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland and other EU countries. Change Ventures actively monitors the development potential and terms of cooperation on the Polish market.

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Vinci Capital

Vinci Capital is a Polish company that focuses its investment activities on small and medium-sized enterprises at various stages of development. Fund’s investment portfolio includes, among others: educational projects, including the independent British Primary School of Wilanów and the thriving telecommunications operator Lukman Multimedia. There are also global brands, including Hard Rock Cafe, with restaurants in Warsaw, Kraków, Budapest, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Hamburg, or Julius Meinl Polska, a leading producer and supplier of coffee and tea on the international market.

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Fidiasz is a polish investment fund created by Krzysztof Domarecki, founder of the Selena Group and co-creator of its international success. Business model of fund is related with connection of business experience gained on multiple markets with experienced managers who gained knowledge on different markets and business opportunities from innovative polish businessmen and new technology developers. Fund is focused on development of the best and the most innovative polish products and solutions and on implementation of them on the international market. Cooperation with portfolio companies based on sharing of extensive experience of Fund’s team and external experts are the biggest advantages of Fidiasz on VC funds market.

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EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy is an European investment fund interested in investments in energy, cleantech, mobility and smart technologies companies from Europe and other localizations. The fund provided funding and additional support for around 380 start-ups. Since it’s creation in 2010 with support of European Union by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) fund invested in sustainable energy over 560 million EUR.

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Holding Inwestycyjny Akesto

Holding Inwestycyjny Akesto is a polish, private investment holding with national scope. Akesto is specialized in investments into Vertical Software Solutions and innovative materials companies. Holding invests in companies on every stage of development, while maintaining a 10-year horizon.

4growth VC

The 4growth VC Fund specialises in investing in promising companies from the fintech and insurtech sectors, it also supports innovative technology projects from other industries. The fund focuses on projects in which it can contribute the highest non-financial value (so-called smart money). The fund is interested in start-ups established in Poland or the CEE region, with a high potential for international expansion. 4growth VC debuted in July 2021 with an investment in the Cashy fintech. Currently, the fund is in the process of finalising several more investments.
The fund’s founders are managers with 20 years’ experience in the banking, insurance and investment industry: Krzysztof Bachta, Tomasz Bilous, Marcin Jaszczuk and Marek Szcześniak. Previously, they were members of the management board of Alior Bank, where, among others, they supervised CVC investments and the development of the innovation area in the fintechs PayPo and Autenti. Before that, they gained experience in top managerial positions in PZU, ING Bank Śląski, PKO BP, mBank, EY, BCG and many others.

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Movens Growth Equity

MOVENS GROWTH EQUITY has been set up by experienced investors and managers with extensive experience in profitably scaling up companies and orchestrating successful equity transactions. We are a Poland-centric, Central & Eastern Europe CEE-oriented search fund, aiming to bridge the regional equity gap faced by SMEs looking to raise equity in the range of EUR 2-6m.

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INVL Renewable Energy Fund I was established in 2021. It is part of the Invalda INVL investment group. Invalda INVL has existed since 1991 as a manager of private equity and pension funds in the CEE/Baltics region (the Group originated in Lithuania).

The Group has completed acquisitions and recapitalizations of companies in the amount of approximately EUR 1.7 billion. Invalda INVL has completed 18 investment exits to date. Currently, the Group has over EUR 1.5 billion of assets under management. The regulators of Invalda INVL are the financial supervisory authorities of Lithuania and Latvia.

Within the Group: INVL Asset Management, UAB is the Managing Entity of the Fund. The Fund is also a sub-fund of INVL Alternative Assets Umbrella Fund.

Industry profile of the Fund: renewable energy – investments in solar farms and wind farms.

The territorial scope of investments is: EU, EEA, EFTA, most of the investments may take place in Poland.

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IGS Investment

IGS Investment is a Fund established in 2018 to carry out investment activities together with NCBIR under the Bridge Alpha project. The Fund specializes in financing and business support of startups at their early stages of development. IGS Investment has a carefully selected and highly qualified management team, which supports its business partners both in terms of project management and the possibility of their further development in domestic and foreign markets.

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Supercharge Capital

Supercharge Capital is a fund that invests €5-10 million in later-stage (series A+) technology companies operating in a subscription or marketplace model. Supercharge, as one of the few funds in the CEE region, focuses on minority secondaries, filling the existing equity gap in the market.

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